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ontourwithjb's Journal

On Tour with The Jonas Brothers
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Even when your not there with the boys, now you can be!

Welcome to On Tour With JB this community was made for all Jonas Brothers fans. We obviously all love The Jonas Brothers but we cant be at every concert and event on tour so ontourwithjb was made. Here you will be able to see Jonas fans just like you experiences at Jonas Concerts all over so you can feel like you there even when your not! It will be a great way to bring all the jonas fans together and hear awesome concerts stories from this tour and many to come! Please join so we can get this party started!!! Any Questions? Contact me and would be glad to answer!

ontourwithjb's Affiliates

Wanna be an affiliate with ontourwithjb? Just send me a message!

In your post make sure to include the date of what concert you went to! Along with stories, videos, pictures and anything else you would like to share! Also please use a LJ-Cut so no one's friends pages are streched! Thank you!

Also remember this is a Friends Only community so please remember to post friends only =]

We want you to post if you went or are going to any of these! Share your story! Went to a Jonas concert recently or one this summer you want to share about? Post it here!